Property Offences

Lenz Legal will provide expert advice and representation about property offences.  The most common property offences include larceny (usually shoplifting), receiving stolen property (Goods in Custody) and malicious damage.

Property offences can be complicated in nature and often involve the following considerations:

  • The property affected
  • The owner of property and whether or not it is in someone's possession
  • The relationship and/or the understanding between the accused and the victim regarding the property

As the success of your case depends on many variables and details it is therefore very important to gain the right legal advice to help in your defence.

This is especially important as many charges are placed by police and can be complicated to prove. For example, to be found guilty in relation to stolen property a person must have an actual belief that the property is stolen. This means there is considerable latitude for misunderstandings and a very high onus of proof.

Lenz Lawyers will gudie you from the initial contact withh police throughout the course of your matter, maximising your chances of acquittal.  Call us now to see just what is possible.