Break and Enter Offences

Breaking and entering a dwelling describes a burglary.  A person commits an offence when they break and/or enter and then commit an offence, usually to steal.  The complete form of the offence would be to break and enter with an intent to steal.  There are a range of offences available including where entry was not by force but there was a breaking out.  In the context of burglary, breaking need not involve smashing anything, it can be as little as opening a screen or an unlocked window.  It is crucial that you obtain advice from a specialist criminal defence lawyer.  Lenz Legal will provide you wth expert advice adn representation. 

The prosecution does not need to prove a crime was committed as long as there was an intention to commit a particular crime.  If a person is found in dark clothing, in possession of implements commonly used to break into dwellings, that may be sufficient to prove an intention to commit the crime.