Apprehended Violence Orders

Apprehended Violence Orders or restraining orders set restrictions on a person’s behaviour and may have serious repercussions for both applicants and defendants.  Lenz Legal provides expert advice and representation for all types of AVO's.

All AVO matters start our with an idividual or member of the NSW Police Force making an Application to the Local Court for Orders.  They are not considered to be a criminal charge, however breaching an AVO is a criminal offence.

There are two categories of AVOs. Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) for circumstances where there is a domestic relationship between the Person In Need of Protection (PINOP) and the defendnat; & Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs) for circumstances where there is no domestic relationship.

AVO's restrict certain behaviour, for eg. intimidation, stalking, harrassment.  AVO's can restrict or pronibit acces to certain premises, eg. houses, schools, workplaces and prohibit possession of firearms.

If you want to apply for an AVO against someone or you are a defendant, Lenz Legal will provide you with expert advice, representation and advocacy.  Serious and longstanding repercussions flow from applications for AVO's so call Lenz Legal now to see just what is possible.